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Meet the creative minds behind The Gypsy & the Hermit! Cristina and Victoria are a dynamic mother-daughter duo on a mission to spread the art of mindful giving. Through their carefully curated, reusable fabric gift wraps and hand-painted greeting cards, Cristina and Victoria draw inspiration from each other's unique perspectives to create gifts that are infused with love and care.

For Cristina, the Gypsy soul, life is a vibrant mosaic of experiences waiting to be discovered. Growing up in the little city of Chillan, Chile, she spent most of her life traveling from one adventure to the next. Cristina's current homebase overlooks the beautiful Lake Erie in Lakewood, Ohio, where she spends her days singing, dancing, and spreading cheer to everyone around. Her wanderlust spirit infuses her art with a sense of play and joy, inviting you to embark on new adventures and embrace the spirit of life.

By contrast, Victoria, the Hermit sage, finds solace in the quiet moments of reflection and the peace that is found when connecting with another soul. Growing up in large cities, Victoria eventually grew roots in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she finds inspiration in nature and the historic architecture that surrounds her. With a keen eye for detail, she enjoys creating with intention and honoring the beauty found in every day simplicity.

Through their fabric gift wraps and greeting cards, Cristina and Victoria remind us of the profound impact of mindful giving, urging us to slow down, savor the moment, and treasure the bonds that tie us together. Join them on a journey where every fold, every knot, becomes a gesture of love and appreciation. They encourage you to embrace the art of gift-giving by wrapping precious gifts in fabric, and let your presents speak volumes about the beauty of life's fleeting moments and the enduring power of heartfelt connections.

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